Being new to town I needed a place to work that wasn't a loud coffee shop. From the moment I walked in i was instantly welcomed. There is a great sense of community with the other members, staff team and owner...and they all made me feel at home. The amenities are just what I needed from the beautiful outdoor patio, kitchen and fridge, private room for calls, to name a few. They also host events to help get people connected outside of work. Such a great vibe and positive working environment. Thanks for creating this great space!

Lyndsay Peters Clements

From personal experience I know what a beautiful and unique experience it is to work in the Click environment. We spent the summer in Flagstaff and loved walking to work right in the middle of downtown and having such a terrific place to brainstorm and create. The aesthetics and design are incredible in this stunning historic building. Leslie and her team are so friendly and helpful. The other folks that co-work in the space are friendly and professional. Walking distance from everything and lots of natural light inside. If you are even considering working downtown or in Flagstaff Click is the place you want to be!

Lori Anna Harrison, DLP Marketing

I was looking for a true co-working space, in downtown Flagstaff and Click Co+Work does not disappoint! It is run by a great team, so not only are our office needs met, but it's provided in a great, creative & collaborative environment. Developing relationships with other small business owners has been invaluable - we have actually chosen Click members for several projects - just based on our interactions at the office. If you're looking to get out of your home office for a day, month or year - Click Co+Work is THE spot!

Terry Madeksza

A gorgeous office in the perfect location downtown -- great for techies, creatives or the work-from-home crowd. I've never been more productive and happy with my work. Definitely check it out!

Adam Wade

Click Co-work has been a very positive experience for me professionally and personally. As the sole proprietor of a one-man geospatial company, I spend much of my day in front of a computer trying to remain productive and self-motivated. I was pleased to learn that my work space at Click not only improved my overall attitude towards work, but also my ability to meet project deadlines on time and on budget. Within the first month of being at Click I enjoyed a higher capacity for longer, and more productive days at the computer and I logged more billable hours than I ever did working from a home office. In addition to improving my motivation and increasing my output, working along side the other small business owners at Click has helped me to identify as a young professional who is capable of running a successful business. Thanks Click!

Steve Fugate, Rhapsody GIS